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 We come to you with a professionally reconditioned battery and install it at your location.  It comes with the confidence of a 12 month warranty. If you're in it for the long haul and are looking to drive the wheels off your Prius, we offer new factory batteries for less than the dealership.

For Honda Hybrid owners, we regret that we can't help you with reconditioning.  We have owned five of them (2X G1 Insight, 2X G2 Civic Hybrid and 1X G1 Civic Hybrid).  We have attempted reconditioning nearly 30 Honda packs.  Failure rates are over 80%.  The Honda packs just aren't robust enough to respond to reconditioning reliably.  We would discourage you from pursuing a reconditioned pack from anyone in the Phoenix area as you will likely be back where you started 3-6 months from now with a much lighter wallet. The ONE exception is Bumblebee Batteries. They have a very robust process, and a massive selection of core batteries. They also offer NEW batteries for less than the dealership that carry a 3 year warranty.

Simply put, Phoenix Hybrid Batteries was started to provide low cost, high value replacement options for hybrid vehicles in the greater Phoenix area.  We keep our focus tight to produce the best results.  We place great emphasis on the 2004-2009 Toyota Prius.

We hate to turn anyone away empty handed, so please call for other models and options as we might be able to accommodate you or get you pointed in the right direction.